• 1. Ready. Set. Roamie!

    So long to scouring the internet for reviews and travel tips. No more searching "things to do with kids this weekend." Enter Roamie! Our local guides share all their best travel itineraries, tips, and tricks - cutting the fat and leaving you with nothing but superior, unique experiences. Spontaneous travel never felt so secure.

  • 2. Select Your Vibe

    Serenity? Adventure? Breweries? Canoes? Kid friendly? Girls' trip? Yep, we've got you covered. Choose the type of vibe or activity you're seeking, and Roamie will connect you with trip options to fit the bill.

  • 3. Get Out of Dodge

    With your personal Roamie guide in your pocket, you've got everything you need - fill up the tank and let's roll!

  • 1. Download your Roamie Trip Guide

    With one click, your trip creator’s voice welcomes you on your new Roamie adventure! A combination of audio narration, images of trip highlights, and written directions provide a full experience.

  • 2. Up-to-Date Details

    Embedded into your Roamie trip experience are live links to notable trip details like restaurants, breweries, or hiking trails - so with a simple click you can gain additional information like menus, store hours, and trail guides all at your fingertips. 

  • Tailored Trip Tips

    3. Maybe the most helpful for our Roamie road warriors, each purchased Experience provides specific Trip Tips tailored to the location and vibe you’ve chosen. Think “Be sure to order the BoatShow IPA at this brewery”  or “Reserve camping site #34 for the perfect set of hammock hanging trees.”